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  • “They (We) worship the same god”

    I went to visit my brother over the Thanksgiving break—a thing which is always interesting and instructional—and a conversation ensued about which I would like to write a bit here. A small group was sitting around the dining room table, just talking, when the discussion turned to religion (something I know many consider a bad […]

  • Favorite Video: What is America’s True Form of Government? – YouTube

    This is one of my favorite videos for explaining government in general. It comes from a longer video that I will probably find and post as well at some point. Is it 100% accurate? Not in my view, but it’s one of the best I have seen to this point.

  • On the Concept of Disenfranchisement

    As I was taking my weekday morning walk/run yesterday morning, I started to consider the idea often expressed as “disenfranchisement.” My consideration led me to some conclusions: You may have noticed that one of the fairly popular business models out there, is called the franchise. It is no mistake that this word is used here, […]

  • Introducing Kurt’s Religion, Politics and Philosophy Blog on

    If you follow what I have been prone to do on Facebook in the past (I’m not a great fan at this point—too much fluff and other rubbish), you’ll know that I have a “community” there called Kurt’s Religion and Politics. It’s been a while since I have seriously posted there—mostly because I find my […]