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  • Overview of America – YouTube

    Another favorite video of mine…

  • Islam and Racism

    I can’t imagine anybody knowing me for very long, without coming to the understanding that I don’t believe in the concept of “race” as is it typically applied to humanity. Put simply, I do not believe in different races among humans and therefor, do not believe in racism among them either. There are a lot of […]

  • Why I (Generally) Quit Commenting on Facebook Posts

    I was reminded again today, why I generally quit commenting on Facebook posts. A Facebook “friend” posted something about which I felt I had something to say that would be of benefit to the original post. I proceeded to comment on that post, with the idea that discourse could occur, and that—in the worst case—I […]

  • “They (We) worship the same god”

    I went to visit my brother over the Thanksgiving break—a thing which is always interesting and instructional—and a conversation ensued about which I would like to write a bit here. A small group was sitting around the dining room table, just talking, when the discussion turned to religion (something I know many consider a bad […]