Category: Health and Fitness

  • On Pregnancy and the Sanctity of Human Life

    In my previous article, I took the time to dispel some myths about the sanctity of human life and how Conservatives are wont to see it. I consider that to have been important to do, but not as important as what I feel the need to address in this article. Though the prior article made […]

  • Rectitude Versus Popularity

    Of all the considerations that plague modern man, one of the most difficult—particularly for the young—appears to be the battle between popularity and rectitude (being correct). For many, the battle may continue much further than their youth. Many seem, in point of fact, to continue to fight the battle for the majority of their days. […]

  • Reality and Truth Versus Dreams and Feelings

    There has been a subject on and off of my heart and mind for some time. I won’t go into details as to why this is the case, rather, I have it in mind to cover the subject itself and let folks work out for themselves the whys and wherefores. The subject is summed up […]

  • My “Qualifications” to Talk About Health and Fitness Related Issues

    I started writing an article for the Health and Fitness part of my blog, and came to the conclusion that I wanted a section of the blog post that talked about my experiences and why it might not be a bad idea to consider what I say. I got into this, and began to realize […]