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20201114 Information Sources – The Daily Summation
20201114 Information Sources – The Daily Summation Podcast

Where do you get your information?

That’s not just a reasonable question, in my view, it’s pretty much an essential one.

As is true for many, I spend too much time wading through social media.

It was in the process of doing just that, I encountered a post that talked about how ironic it was, that a CNN reporter was arguing, the Parler social media platform, is “killing American Democracy.”

The discussion was in the form of a video clip, so it was relatively easy to see exactly what it was he was trying to say.

His argument, was that Parler is a “right-wing echo chamber.”

Here’s what astounded me. I’m on Parler (as well as many of the other social media platforms), and where I acknowledge that it tends to have a definitely rightward tilt, I consider that to be true for an obvious reason.

People on the political right seem prone to join Parler, because they don’t expect their voices to be heard consistently on any other platform.

It’s for that reason that both Parler, and the platform that can be considered competition to YouTube—Rumble by name—exist.

I’ve been a listener and watcher of Mr Dan Bongino for some time now.

I bring Dan up, because he’ll be the first to tell you he has an ownership stake in both companies.

Because that’s true, he advertises for both platforms on his show(s). That said, in much of the talking about them, when he runs his various plugs, he makes a point of saying they’re not designed to be total replacements, for other platforms.

Does that sound like someone living in an echo chamber to you?

How about a person who posts a clip of a CNN personality talking about how he doesn’t like Parler, because it’s destroying democracy? Yes, it was Mr Bongino who posted the clip I referenced earlier.

And by the way, that’s how I get certain more left-leaning opinions and commentary; I hear them from conservatives.

So the next question is obvious, “Considering I hear various liberal talking points, does it sound to you like I’m in a right-wing echo chamber?”

What if I told you I listen to other folks, with whom I sometimes agree, but with whom I certainly don’t always stand?

I enjoy listening to Tim Pool (timcast), Bruce “The Boss” Brooks, and others.

Bruce and Tim both, tend to have conservative leanings. That said, you can be assured, we periodically disagree.

And they’re not the only ones I’ll take the time to sit down and listen to by any means.

Here’s the thing.

Bongino is prone to use what I believe are referred to as “super cuts” on his Dan Bongino Show. Much of the time, they come from somebody or some group who’s known as Grabien. I’m not sure who they actually are, but they’re pretty good at compiling sound bites from the mainstream media.

This matters. because much of what comes out of such activity, is folks from a variety of different mainstream outlets, saying the same thing. They’ll literally utter the exact same verbiage from person to person, and program to program.

Want to know how I picture an echo chamber? Check out the super cuts out there, that show multiple mainstream news personalities, parroting the exact same language.

This, to me, is the very definition of the idea, “echo chamber.”

It’s for this reason—among others I’m sure—people like Dan Bongino are seeing such amazing success.

To be fair, had it not been for Mr Rush Limbaugh blazing that trail, I wonder if anybody would be traveling it.

That said, the reason the right-wing talk phenomenon has exploded, is at least largely, due to a hunger for something other than mainstream pablum.

I’m pretty sure I’m of a mind with Mr Bongino, and most others on the right. I would expect most such people to say, you should pay attention to a diverse set of sources.

I’d say further, that most of us who tend towards conservatism, would count it not only reasonable, but more or less essential, to listen to arguments from people truly in opposition, to those holding forth.

In my mind, I want people who disagree, to critique what I have to say. Having that occur, means I must either defend what I believe, or question what I hold true.

I’m a big boy. If I weren’t by this point, you should be worried. I can stand to have people attack my ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints.

In fact, I consider it valuable, for people to do so with factual, content filled responses.

What all of this boils down to is this.

It’s incumbent on each of us, to come to understand the tilts and slants of those around us.

It’s equally important to comprehend our own leanings. After all, I’m pretty well convinced we all have them.

If we get in the kitchen, and find the heat is too much for use to bear, maybe it’s time to start looking at what we hold dear.

Even if it all but makes you sick, hearing from other angles is a worthwhile thing.

Nobody says you have to agree with them. Then again, you may just find that you do, if you take the time to hear them out.

I’ve heard a good many right-side-of-the-aisle folks, talk about their liberal, even far left progressive origins. I don’t find that same sort of story, coming out of the camp of leftists folks. That is to say, that many of them started out as conservatives, and moved to liberalism.

In order for such a shift to happen though, it’s necessary for the folks in question to look to their opposition. Knowing that’s true, can you honestly say you believe it’s folks on the right, that tend to live in echo chambers?

My main point is this. We all need to look at from where our information comes. If you’re not prone to support, and attend a widely diverse set of sources, maybe it’s time for you to start.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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