On Spam

I just wanted to take am moment to reiterate what I have previously said. In case you’re wondering why “your comment” is not showing on my site, let me clue you in:

  1. The site is moderated. That means no comment will make it past me (the moderator) without my scrutiny of all of its content. This includes the content of the comment, the “user name” and the email address and website address if given.
  2. I have added captcha functionality (based on math and images) to test to see if you’re a “real person.” If you cannot get past that, you’re not going to add a comment at all. I don’t at all think that’s too much to ask.
  3. When reviewing comment content, you can be assured that I will not allow comments that do not in some way, add to the discussion. Put another way, no “ego stroking” or nonsense comments will be approved. I will be as lenient as I can, but honestly, if it doesn’t contribute in some wise to the conversation, it will not ever make it out of moderation (read here, “It will be considered spam and deleted).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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