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  • Φαρμακεία (Pharmakeia) – Religion and Politics

    Φαρμακεία (Pharmakeia) – Religion and Politics

    It seems to me that modern day glorification of various medications (as well as various kinds of legal and illegal substance abuse), as things that make the world a better place, are actually reliances on what once would have been called magic or sorcery.

  • The Spectrum – Autism

    The Spectrum – Autism

    So you’re Mildly (level 1) Autistic? The possibility is, you have a good deal of work ahead of you. Remember though, those counted Moderately (level 2) or Severely (level 3) so, likely have even more; and many of them, may never achieve anything like, what most other human beings are expected to attain.

  • Piling On – Autism

    Piling On – Autism

    In the end, I would ask just one thing of those who react harshly, to people like my child. I know this is probably a waste of breath, because very few will see it. If you do though, please recognize, what you’re daily shown about Autism, doesn’t apply, to people like my child, much less to those who are more severe.

  • Thick Skin – Religion and Politics

    Thick Skin – Religion and Politics

    The point of all I’ve expressed to this juncture, is that there’s a lot to be said for being thick skinned, and not much to be said, when that layer is a thin one. That’s why I consider it so important to teach him the “skill” of dealing with annoying, or even obnoxious individuals around and about him. This is the lesson I seek to instill in him. It can be a hard one, because he’s a “man of action.” Sometimes that’s good, sometimes bad. In this case, it’s not so great. I hope to get him to understand how things are in the course of time. In my mind, I pray I’m not alone in realizing how imperative this lesson is to learn.

  • Self Defense – Religion and Politics

    Self Defense – Religion and Politics

    So asking the question, “Is self defense a reasonable course of action for a law enforcement agent?” where the answer is dependent on circumstances, results in a definite, “Yes!” where I’m concerned. You may think that’s unreasonable, for my part I cannot agree with you if you do.

  • Civil Disobedience – Religion and Politics

    Civil Disobedience – Religion and Politics

    I’m not arguing that civil disobedience should be a way of life. Most of the time, one ought just to accept what’s expected, act accordingly, and move on. At times though, not choosing the course that may cause you to be seen as flouting societal mandates may be more than reasonable, it may be more or less essential.

  • Due Process – Religion and Politics

    Maybe a person acts in a way that society at large considers worthy of that worst of all penalties, execution. Perhaps there are people who would wish to see him rapidly enter his final resting place. The simplest, most telling question is, “What if you’re wrong?” What if he’s innocent? This applies to less serious punishments as well. You cannot give wrongfully incarcerated people that time back. For this reason, due process exists and is hopefully practiced to the fullest extent possible.

  • School Interaction – Religion and Politics

    I get concern over the current health situation—though my thoughts and feelings on things don’t tend to match most folks’. Even so, I feel as though I need to have open communications with my child’s teachers to ensure he continues to move forward apace. I’m hoping things settle down as time goes on. That said, I’m a little worried that may not be the case. If it isn’t, I have fears for my son’s well-being, at least in the short term. This is my current concern. I hope and pray things work out for the best, not just for my child, but in general.

  • Blaming the Victim – Religion and Politics

    The long and short of this is, we need to stop blaming the victims of various forms of malevolent activity, rather than the one doing the harm. I get that things the wronged one may have done and said might’ve contributed to or more correctly, detracted from the situation, but that’s not a reason to blame them for the evil visited upon them.

  • Inhumanity – Religion and Politics

    Do you disagree with someone or someones? That’s totally fine. Does that make it reasonable to attack their person, to treat them in manners you wouldn’t appreciate, were you in their shoes? I submit that it doesn’t. Kindness is largely without cost. If you’re not working to be kind and nice as a rule, perhaps you should consider it.