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  • The Meltdown – Autism

    If your child is Mildly Autistic, you may forget that’s the case as he or she matures. If they’re not a mild case, that’s less likely to be so. Even for more severe cases (and I’m speaking mostly of what’s categorized as moderate, not those dealing with Severe Autism, where the realization is almost certain), things may largely settle down as time goes on. That doesn’t mean your child is any less who they are. Remember patience, watchfulness, consistence, and persistence are what’s called for.

  • The Adult in the Room – Religion and Politics

    Sometimes we realize too late something is problematic. Occasionally, someone gets seriously injured, or even dies. It’s terrible and unfortunate when that’s the case, but like it or not that’s life. Don’t get me wrong, you obviously want to avoid such things occurring. The final point here though is, we must be adults; we need to take care of business. No law, rule, regulation, ordinance or other government intervention is going to fix this for us. We must deal with it ourselves.

  • Truth and Opinion – Religion and Politics

    The final point I’d like to make is, where I take pains here to say I’m sorry for causing others heartache, I flatly refuse to apologize for airing my opinions with the express intent of hearing agreement and opposing views. Discourse makes it possible for me and others to both experiment in, and more importantly, learn more about, our universe. I’m truly sorry if that’s a problem for you, but I’ll continue on my current course until and unless someone can tell me why I shouldn’t do so.

  • COVID-19, School and Autism – Religion and Politics

    The point of all I’ve said up to now is simple. If you think school is worthless, or even unimportant, consider what it does for both parents and children that would be substantially more difficult if the schools ceased to exist, or even attempted to move to an online only format. If that’s not a sufficiently strong motivator to keep it around, be “selfish” and consider the ill prepared workmates with whom you’ll have to deal if ever it’s not around.

  • The Impossible Dream, Part II? – Religion and Politics

    The result is, there are any number of young people (and probably far too many older ones) who are prone to believe things that are entirely untrue. This then, is the “first battle.” To bring people to an understanding of the falsehood with which that have been plied, in order to rid them of notions that currently warp their thinking.

  • The Impossible Dream – Autism

    I spent weeks trying to convince my son that talking dogs (read here, “the like of Scooby-Doo”) are not real. I still think he comes back to the belief they’re actually a thing. Such is my life, and his. My time is at an end where this article is concerned. I just wanted to give you a “peek under the hood” of the Autistic mind. I hope this article has served to do that.

  • Parenting Versus Every Other Relationship – Religion and Politics

    I can’t imagine being a parent and not appreciating everyone who is truly helpful in my task of parenthood. That’s truer as a result of having a moderately Autistic seven year old than it even was for my other children. The truth is, that my other children didn’t need nearly as much “stuff” (physical, mental, […]

  • I Say Your Kid May Be Austic? Be Happy – Autism

    Can you imagine being happy to have someone tell you your child may be Autistic? If you hear that from me, chances are, you ought to be happy! Why? Before I answer that question, allow me to tell those who don’t know me a little bit about myself. Firstly, you should know that I’ve been […]

  • Lots of Kids are Slow at That – Autism

    Those who know me even a little bit, probably know a couple of things about me. The first is that I am the father of a moderately Autistic son, for whom I have cared for the last seven years. The second is that I am a father of children ranging in age from mid-thirties, to […]

  • My (Fill in the Blank) is Autistic – Autism

    It’s a “mixed bag.” Pretty much anybody who’s paying attention is aware that someone (maybe more than one someones) they have met casually,  know a little more closely, or have charge over, is Autistic. The reason it’s such a mixed bag is, on the one hand, it means folks are aware that “Autism is a […]