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20201031 Health Care – The Daily Summation
20201031 Health Care – The Daily Summation Podcast

I’ve had a thing about which I’ve wanted to write for some time now. The problem is, I well know, many will count me crass and uncaring, for what I want to put out there.

The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I suppose you could argue that, in some senses, I care entirely too much.

It’s that concern, that motivates me in the direction of wishing to bring forth, the thing I’m about to proffer.

I haven’t been to a hospital for any purpose, other than to take others in for, or visit people while, they underwent care.

That’s not something I say as some sort of boast.

It’s really pretty simple. To this point I’ve been blessed of God Almighty, with health I have no reason to expect.

I have a few minor issues, but the truth is, pretty much nothing from which I suffer, having lived lo this half century, is severe enough to cause me to seek the aid of medical staff.

I may find out at some point, that something is happening inside me, which will cause me to fall into an early grave. If that days is forthcoming, it’s awfully hard to imagine at the present moment.

I’m sure a good many people have said the same, and fallen over and died directly after saying it.

The reason I bring forward, what I have to this point, isn’t borne out of some desire to either pat myself on the back, or to brag about what a specimen of humanity I am.

I have no fear of going to doctor’s offices, or hospitals, so I’m not trying to say I’m deathly afraid of such places, either.

I’ve just come to the conclusion, that people lived their lives for millennia, without ever once having been looked over by such folks.

Here’s where the accusations are probably going to begin to flow.

It’s my contention, that far too many people spend far too much time, in the offices of various medical professionals.

In saying this, I’m not trying to indicate that there are no valid reasons, to find oneself in attendance of such folks. Certainly there are many.

I have to wonder though, how large a number of folks are so afraid of death, that they spend far more hours in such places, than are by any means warranted.

More importantly, it concerns me to some degree, that individuals take up the time, of people in medical fields, that could be better used.

To be plain, I’m not saying the persons they’re seeing, are lesser people for being taking advantage of their attendance. Rather my concern is, there are many who won’t get dealt with by various in that group, because they’re so busy as a result of folks who don’t truly need their care, sitting in the examination rooms, that could be put to better use, by folks who do.

It’s at this point, I expect the vitriol to flow. Those who’ve been in such facilities, for the smallest of causes, will likely be among the first to begin to spit invectives.

I somewhat suspect them to be followed in that process, by people who found out about something serious, when they went to a doctor’s office, for an entirely unrelated issue.

I want to make it painfully clear, I get that it’s totally possible, a person may be deathly ill, with little to no realization that’s the case.

It’s for such reasons I’ve not written this piece, up to this point.

That said, I would be willing to bet the majority of individuals, who enter the offices of medical practitioners, do so with little reason, and end up leaving just a little poorer than when they entered, with no outcome of serious benefit to anyone, but the professional to whom fees were paid, his or her staff, and the medical insurance industry.

What increases my concern is, people spend time in various such places, using medical insurance to cover the cost. Yet they’re likely have little to no understanding, they’re driving up the expense of insurance, not just for the rest of the people on a given plan, but for themselves.

Imagine a person coming to the conclusion he or she is unable to continue to pay for medical insurance coverage.

What if the folks making unnecessary health related visits had decided to not do so? Consider that by doing so, the cost of that person’s medical insurance, had remained sufficiently less costly, so as to make it possible for him or her, to keep it.

Now picture that same person, suffering potentially catastrophic ills, that could’ve been managed comparatively cheaply, had they just had the ability to maintain that coverage.

Like anything else—particularly any complicated thing—medical care is not limitless. It’s a finite resource.

To be fair, there are various other causes for increases in the cost of such insurance.

It cannot be overstated how regulation at various levels, has heightened that expense, for example.

Even so, it certainly isn’t helping things, for folks to make their way, to doctor’s buildings, with basically no cause.

I get the concern, that one might really be ill, and that the ailment in question, might be life-threatening.

I can understand the mentality that says, “It’s here, why not make use of it?”

Maybe in writing this piece, I’m helping you to understand why doing so flippantly, is not just consuming a resource you don’t need, but making use of a tool for which someone else might, have a true requirement.

Are you somebody who’ll find him or her self, in the offices of various in the medical community for little to no reason? If you are, I ask you to reevaluate.

I’m not talking about people with real concerns or conditions here. When your son breaks an arm, or you, or your daughter, has an exceptionally high fever, it’s totally understandable that you seek medical assistance. If you’re prone do so when that’s not the case though, I ask you to reconsider being in such a habit, for the well being of others.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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