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  • Φαρμακεία (Pharmakeia) – Religion and Politics

    Φαρμακεία (Pharmakeia) – Religion and Politics

    It seems to me that modern day glorification of various medications (as well as various kinds of legal and illegal substance abuse), as things that make the world a better place, are actually reliances on what once would have been called magic or sorcery.

  • Their Job – Religion and Politics

    Their Job – Religion and Politics

    You’re my telephone service provider? What do you suppose I want you to do? How does, “your JOB” sound to you?

  • Crutch – Religion and Politics

    Crutch – Religion and Politics

    Put simply, in basically nothing, do I look at my circumstance, and say, “This is all God’s fault.”

  • Fact Checker – Religion and Politics

    Fact Checker – Religion and Politics

    In short, when somebody presents him or her self—fact checker or not—as some sort of oracle, you should politely decline to accept him or her in such a role.

  • Hate – Religion and Politics

    Hate – Religion and Politics

    If you’re a rightist, you’ll challenge folks with whom you disagree on the basis of at least perceived facts and ideas. This does not tend to be true for folks on the left.

  • Abolition – Religion and Politics

    Abolition – Religion and Politics

    If I had a message to impart in this little piece, it would be that the answer is not to abolish or ban ways of doing things—most particularly not through governmental rules, laws and regulations.

  • Pursuing Pleasure – Religion and Politics

    It’s been some time, since I took the time to write anything for my little blog. I spent my time for about a year, creating what amounted to a video blog. I’d very much like to get back to doing that. In the meantime though, I’d like to try to take some time to write […]

  • Who’s Responsible – Religion and Politics

    Who’s Responsible – Religion and Politics

    Remember this. Others may well affect various situations in which you find yourself. In general though you’re responsible for the outcome. Failing to look at things in this way, may result in dire consequences.

  • Inner Strength – Religion and Politics

    Inner Strength – Religion and Politics

    It’s often not an easy thing, to edure the struggles and difficulties of life. Doing, so can make us want to give up on that toil at times. That said, being able to look at the struggles and difficulties of gallant, valorous individuals, and realize maybe what we’re experiencing isn’t as severe as we’d like to think, can be helpful to realign our perspective. It’s hoped we can come to really understand, what inner strength looks like, when we do.

  • The Ladder – Religion and Politics

    The Ladder – Religion and Politics

    In the end, I guess my point is this. A ladder to various places at least should and really probably must exist. Some will argue for that path’s hindrance. For the most part, I contend against such perspectives because of their net effect on not just the wealthy, but everybody who might benefit from one climbing that ladder. You may disagree. If you do, I’d like to hear your logic.