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20201022 Christianity, Standards, and Principles – The Daily Summation
20201022 Christianity, Standards, and Principles – The Daily Summation Podcast

One of the realities of life, is that we learn things that change how we respond to various situations and circumstances.

For some people, an example has been, how they deal with folks from other “races.” Race being a term for which I have no time. There’s one species, and no races, where humanity is concerned, as far as I can tell.

I won’t go into who, but certain individuals long entrenched in politics, used to make statements saying things like, “Integration will result in a racial jungle.

At least some of those same people today, make the statement that they were never “racist.” It takes no kind of search engine sleuth, to go back into their history, to find it’s replete with examples, that make such statements, direct falsehoods.

Have the persons in question changed their tunes, from that time to this? It appears the answer may be, “Yes.”

That said, perhaps the changes aren’t what they want people to believe.

This is how personal beliefs work.

Having considered that, there’re other types of beliefs, that aren’t so mutable.

An example of this, is basic Christian doctrine.

Where that belief set is concerned, the idea that “racism” is in any wise, a valid thing, cannot be found.

There are those who argue to the contrary. I’ve never seen anyone do so, with more than limited success, and generally, their considerations are squashed, by people with more solid comprehension of the subject.

All of this said, there are other things, that Christianity seems to not support, as well. An example of this, would be homosexuality. Forget the idea of a blessed union, between folks who claim to be gay. The tenets of that system, appear to me, to not accept the idea that being homosexual itself, is reasonable; and again, I’ve never heard a contrary argument, I think stands up, to even superficial scrutiny.

Let’s be clear, as a believer, I’m not saying Christians are called to, in any way, do harm or even act badly, towards those who count themselves to be gay.

Asked if they believe such a lifestyle is sinful however, will very often result in an affirmative answer, from those who’ve spent any time, working to understand and accept what their chosen belief set, counts true, and correct.

Being entirely fair, sin is a common reality in the modern day, and frankly, another thing such folks tend to hold correct, is that things like theft, lust, and many others, found to be at least somewhat reasonable at present, are equally sinful.

I want to make another point. The reality, is anyone in the Christian community, who believes government should have any say in the idea of marriage, for example, or the licensing of churches, is horribly confused, in my way of looking at things.

Marriage, according to the tenets of that hallowed system, is a matter between a man, a woman, and God Almighty.

The fact is, the interjection of even a priest, preacher, or pastor, into things, is already more than a stretch.

I know, I’ll certainly catch flak for such a position, but I would be surprised to hear a great many believers, would be willing to disagree, having chosen to do their due diligence, and read the text that answers such questions. We know that tome, as the Bible.

Here’s an important consideration. That set of books was “canonized,” a very long time ago. It hasn’t really changed since then.

There are those who’ll argue, that what’s currently accepted as scripture, was not what was intended. I’m not willing to get into that discussion here.

As for me, I believe what’s found in the modern day Bible, is sufficient for salvation, and direction.

That means that, short of interpretation, the chances of changes in understanding, ought not be forthcoming.

Looking back in time, it’s patently obvious, that Christians in past, have not sanctioned homosexuality, much less gay marriage.

As to whether they’ve tried to keep such an idea from being a societal norm, that’s another matter. Certainly, some have, while others choose to treat it as being among those things, over which they have little say.

For my part, I would tell others who claim to be among the faithful, that it’s not sanctioned. That said, I would also inform them, that if people chose to act as if it were reasonable, where their interactions with those folks may end up being different, for the most part, they ought to take a hands off approach.

It’s okay to attempt to convince, but not to hurl even insults, much less fists, or other weapons, at such individuals.

Here’s what’s important to understand though. Christian beliefs should not change based on what a society in which a believer lives, comes to accept. Expecting them to do so, is wrong.

It’s understood that the entity in question, has the right to enforce allowance of those norms outside of the belief set. It’s not correct to assume they should in any wise, change what happens within it.

Part of the current problem here in the U. S., is that church groups take advantage of certain laws, that make it so they’re not subject to taxation of various types.

This makes them feel, or actually be, beholden to the state because they do so.

In my view, every church congregation, or other entity taking such benefits, ought to stop doing so immediately.

They should pay the same sorts of taxes, as would be expected, of any other person, or group.

In doing so, they would be taking the appropriate, “render unto Caesar,” stance.

Those who fail to do this, shouldn’t be surprised when the state decides it’s reasonable to attempt to push them to accept things, for which they have no business allowing.

It’s really pretty simple. Christians ought to support what the Bible, and the Spirit of God, tell them to. Since the two shouldn’t diverge, that should mean, calling things like homosexuality sin, refusing the idea of Christian homosexual marriage, and treating gay people, as they might anyone else in sin (which is an awful lot of us). That shouldn’t involve things like, doing the people in question harm, or even deriding them. It should include compassion, love, and concern.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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