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20201019 Strongman – The Daily Summation
20201019 Strongman – The Daily Summation Podcast

I can remember a time in my younger childhood, when it seemed like I was always ill, one way or another.

The truth is, those memories are somewhat my mind playing tricks on me. In reality, where I spent a small amount of time in my early years, battling one kind of ailment or other, I was never seriously ill, nor was I probably sicker than most children my age.

Thing is though, as I started to get older, it truly began to truly feel like I had actually been excessively plagued, by various bugs in those days.

The reason for that is fairly simple. As I got past those years, I was rarely ever sufficiently under the weather, to keep me from doing much of anything I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it.

In current times, I guess people could argue that I was, and am what lots of folks like to refer to, as a strongman.

You should know, I pretty much never look at myself in those terms.

I’ll tell you that, particularly as a younger man, it seemed like most everybody I knew, was a weakling.

It took me years to come to understand, the truth was the opposite of my impression. Rather than those around me being weak, it turns out I was apparently exceptionally strong.

More accurately, I spent very little time in illness, and I apparently had, and have, a pretty high pain tolerance.

What I’m saying here, is not at all intended to brag. Where I may have made choices that helped me to be who I am today, I’m pretty convinced those things I did, only marginally affected my life. The fact is, I just happen to be built differently from a lot of folks.

I don’t go around holding forth about my strength. Frankly, I don’t know I’ll even be this way tomorrow.

The thing is though, were I not as understated as I generally am, people would likely tend to look at me a little bit in wonder. Because tend to keep a low profile, most folks never even notice.

I recently heard somebody talking about a world leader, and referring to him in those terms. What I think more than a little probable is that, where he’s come to recognize he’s haler and hardier than those around him, he doesn’t look at himself in that way, either.

There are certainly those, known for acting in ways that would earn them the label, and some of them likely sell themselves as such. Others just go quietly about their business, making use of an unfair advantage, as it were, the which for whatever reason, they possess.

Were I asked, that’s what I would say was probably the case for the fellow in question.

It isn’t until someone points it out, others really even consider what that one says.

As for the person himself, as I say, the likelihood is, he doesn’t think about his robustness as a rule.

I can tell you with a surety, I don’t run around pondering my tendency towards being able to get up day after day, and take care of whatever business is on my plate, for the period in question.

I don’t worry that I’m going to get insufficient sleep tonight, knowing I’ll likely be able to power through. Yet and still, I make it my business to try to do things to ensure I’m well rested; and I work to take care of myself, as best I’m able.

Sometimes, circumstances don’t permit me to do what I’d like to. In those periods, I do what I’ve always done, I tough it out, knowing that tomorrow will be another day. That chances are, I’ll be able to make it through, and work myself into a better position in the near future.

As is true for about everyone else, I go through times when I think things are hopeless—though as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand, that most of them, are completely illusory.

I’ve had times when I just wanted to throw in the towel, that I admit freely.

Through all of that though—even when I’ve wanted to give up—I’ve continued to fight with what was in me; to work for better days.

In this, I’m certain I’m far from alone.

By that, I mean to say, those seen as strongmen, are about as likely to have the same sort of experiences, and frankly, the more successful they appear, the more such situations they’ve probably encountered.

I’ll say it again, there are those who bring their strongman out, and parade him about. Where I don’t really agree with that way of doing things, I can imagine there are many, who would would look at such acts in wonder. I can equally believe there’re others, who might be inclined to view that person as a sideshow act.

I’m not advocating a, “Look at me! See how strong I am!” perspective on life for such people.

For the most part though, the person I heard accused of acting as a strongman, just doesn’t seem to do that.

I make it my business, to not name names most of the time in what I write, but I want to break that rule today, as I sometimes do.

The person in question is the sitting president, Mr Donald Trump. He was accused of so acting, when he caught, and relatively quickly recovered, from COVID-19.

You’ll forgive me, but I’m going to take pains to note, he said nothing about his apparent imperviousness, until he was asked. Then when he did speak about it, he was quite understated in what he said.

For those looking on, they may notice he’s potentially still being mildly affected by his prior illness; though day-to-day, the effect seems to be waning, as one might expect.

You might know people who seem to be able to carry exceedingly heavy burdens, both literally and figuratively. It’s possible you’re aware of individuals, who seem never to be ill. Most are likely self-effacing, more so as they get older.

In one sense, such people are blessed. In another, they carry the greater burden, knowing they can continue to act, when others are laid low. I know some propagandize on the basis of their strength, but many just continue on their way.

My message in this piece? Just because a person can be said to be a strongman, don’t assume evil on their part.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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