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20201018 More on the Wane

Every week or so, I feel the need to revisit a subject that’s reared its ugly head this year, for reasons that are significant, but not as important, or weighty as many folks would like to argue.

That subject is COVID-19.

I’ve spent a great deal more time talking on this matter, than I’ve had any desire to. The fact is, a comparatively small number of folks, have tried to turn it into the new Spanish Influenza, or even worse, the modern Black Plague.

I’m not saying there are no similarities between COVID-19, and the other formerly mentioned crises. In fact, except in the number of deaths as a result, COVID-19, and Spanish ‘Flu are not horribly dissimilar.

In both cases, the most important factor in the abatement of the disease, is the fact that it had, or will have, spread through the population, causing an unfortunate number of deaths.

After doing so, I believe the newer one will, as its predecessor did, peter out and all but vanish.

Sadly, because of the way folks have handled things in various parts of the U. S., I think it likely we’ll see at least one more mortality peak in the statistical data, before that happens.

The reason for this, is the tendency for a good many people, to overreact to what’s occurring.

In fact, it’s funny that even the World Health Organization—rightly abbreviated to W.H.O., since I tend to think they’re not a reliable entity—has decided again, that lock-downs are not called for. This after having said first that they weren’t, then that they were.

Yet and still, one of the candidates for the United States presidency argues that if the “scientists,” and I use the term very loosely, were to call for further lock-downs, he would support such an idea.

One of the saddest things about what we’ve seen to this point, is that the collateral effects from things like lock-downs, have been argued by a good many people, in a variety of positions, to be far more harmful, than the results of COVID-19itself.

Between people committing suicide, people being abused by those with whom they’re quartered and abuse not being detected due to a lack of interaction, other illnesses and health conditions being undiagnosed and untreated, people in need of social interaction not receiving it, and so many more side-effects of the supposed crisis, the toll on humanity has been immense.

All of this being true, as the number virtually plummets where Coronavirus deaths are concerned per the Centers for Disease Control.

Looking at the figures in Table 1 of the page labeled “Daily Updates of Totals by Week and State” tells the tale in a quite obvious way. The counts are dropping rapidly, as they have been doing for roughly the last two months.

Being fair, yet again, I would expect to see them rise anew—only to dive equally quickly—were the places still locked down and mandating mask wear, to cease their rather alarmist positions.

As usual, about now, I expect the claims of heartlessness on my part, to start. So again I’ll make the disclaimer. Nobody wants anyone else to die. That includes me, and you can be sure, I agree COVID-19 is no more reasonable a cause, than any other.

That said, people will leave the planet. It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s real, and true.

Where I don’t hold out any hope for a vaccine, I do think there are things now being done, that can mitigate the more serious effects of the virus. For most folks, I don’t think they’re useful, since the result of contracting the condition is minimal.

For those who are especially at risk however, various restorative actions can be taken, as need is assessed.

In the long run though, this is to me, a definite case of prolonging the agony, and not much more.

I’ve said before, and maintain now, that I believe at least here in the United States, there are people with political motivations pushing an agenda, who’re a large part of the reason we’re where we currently find ourselves.

You can agree with that or not, in the long run though, it’s hard to argue, that the measures currently in place are anything like reasonable or prudent.

Looking into the numbers from the aforementioned CDC web page, even if we assume the last good number, was the one for the week ending on the 26th of September, 2020, we’ve still seen a drop in weekly deaths for the whole country, from 8,142 for the week ending on the 1st of August, 2020, to 3,333 on the later week.

The truth is, the drop in the next week, is probably relatively accurate (to 2,388).

You can argue such a number nationwide, makes it reasonable to maintain the current level of action. You’ll forgive me if I entirely disagree.

Among the things that make that idea less than acceptable, is the fact that the state in which I reside has yet to break 1,500 deaths for the entire time the CDC has been keeping statistics. That would be the week ending on the 1st of February, 2020.

Keep in mind that for thirty states, that number is below 3,000 for that same period.

Based on what I understand to be true, when broken down on a county-by-county basis, the number of counties having high numbers is exceptionally small, and is of course, comprised of the ones with high population density.

Then there’s the other point, that would be that since the beginning of August, the number of deaths that have occurred in the entire country, from COVID-19 is 45,030. Considering we’re halfway through October by this point, that’s pretty darned good (on average, just over 4,500 people per week in the country).

I hope it’s obvious what I’m trying to make clear by what I’m saying here. There’s little doubt that COVID-19 is going to continue to have an effect, as long as we proceed along our current trajectory. If we choose instead, to open things up and let it run its course, while protecting our high-risk population, given a couple of weeks to a month, we’d almost certainly be more or less out of the woods. On our current course, who knows how long things will drag out, and on that path, I believe we’ll reap an untold toll of loss, on a vast number of fronts. I doubt seriously I’m alone in that.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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