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When a viral outbreak of some kind occurs, most of the time, it’s barely noticed by the population at large.

That being true, you have to ask yourself, “What happened with COVID-19?

The answer is, it was a “novel” virus. That essentially means it was as yet unseen, by those who spend their time looking at such phenomena. That’s not to say it didn’t bear a striking resemblance to others in its grouping—the Coronaviruses—just that it was sufficiently different, as to make it questionable whether it would be deadlier, or spread wider, than others in that family.

As a result, the initial concern over the potential pandemic, is somewhat understandable.

There are certainly questions, as to whether it was or is reasonable for government at any level, to tell private citizens, they’re required to behave in specific ways, where the bug is concerned—or for that matter, at all, absent laws restricting behavior, that’re not draconian in nature.

Keeping in mind that, if people want to hide in their basements, not coming out unless they deem it absolutely necessary, that’s totally acceptable.

It’s also reasonable to keep one’s distance from others and expect them to do likewise. Frankly, it’s my habit to do that, as a normal practice. I can’t say it’s strictly around the potential for a virus to spread, that I do so. On the other hand, I won’t say that has nothing to do with why I act as I do, either.

Where I’m not a fan or believer, I can even accept the idea of people thinking it necessary or appropriate to wear masks in circumstances where they feel such activity is called for.

Remember, that virtually nobody counts that a way, to keep from contracting the virus from others, but as a means to keep from spreading it oneself. Even so, if all choose to wear masks, it’s potentially possible, you’ll slow the spread.

Keep in mind as well, that the chance of somehow stopping the propagation of the disease altogether, is one that literally almost nobody in the medical community, counts reasonable.

The idea though, of government forcing such modes of operation, and most particularly, sheltering in place, on the people at large, is another matter entirely.

In this country, the acceptance of such things happening, is considered to be more or less, in direct contravention to the idea of general freedom; and it’s upon this ideal, that the United States was largely built.

So, when there came to be a period in which it was assumed, people would hide away in their homes, wear masks when they had to leave them, and maintain social distance, it was quite enough of a stretch to imagine that would happen, for a period of fifteen days.

As many have pointed out, that fifteen days, has been stretched out, to something around eight months by this point—with no sign at present, of an end to it.

Besides that it’s already largely considered true, that the spread of the virus won’t be stopped by such measures, the longer things go on as they are, the greater the chance that folks who would’ve contracted it, will actually do so regardless such measures.

More importantly, it’s been stated by various folks in the medical and social health communities, that the ancillary costs associated with these measures, are almost certainly substantially greater, than the risks associated with the sickness they’re intended to attempt to curtail.

Things like, suicide, failure to diagnose and treat other illnesses, poverty, various kinds of abuse, and the failure to recognize them, failure of reasonable and proper education of children, and a good many more, are among the things about which we’re speaking.

When the preceding are considered, it seems to me, one ought to ask a simple question. “Why?”

Why are we continuing to take actions, that’re almost certainly resulting in worse outcomes for more people, than would likely occur, if they simply acquired the disease, got over it, and moved on?

As usual, I have to put a disclaimer here, or people will assume (wrongly), that I’m heartless, or failing to think about certain factors, which should be considered.

It’s obvious, there are higher risk populations—mostly older folks with multiple comorbidities, but some who’re younger, again largely with more than one other health complication—that we should seek to protect, if they’re not able to protect themselves. I have zero problem with this idea.

The thing is, if you look at fatalities for people under the age of 65, who’ve died of COVID-19 for the entire period the Centers for Disease Control have been counting, nationwide, the number is still to this day less than 43,000; and that’s since the 1st of February, 2020.

Like it or not, that means the majority of folks are just plain not at high risk.

Skewing the numbers even more, is the fact that a great many of the older folks having passed, did so as a result of bad policy on the part of at least a couple of states, which I won’t get into at present. If one does the research, it’s easy enough to find out what I’m saying is true.

The point of all of this, is really pretty simple. I’ve already asked the question. That question was simple. Allow me to repeat it, “Why?”

Why is all of this happening?

There are those who will make the case that, “The wrong people are now (still) informing policy.” That may be true, but I do not believe it gets to the meat of things.

It’s my belief, there are those who are so intent on causing the sitting president to look bad, they’re willing to use the extreme despair and even potential deaths of others, to forward that agenda.

Lest you think I’m moving into the mode of timeliness over that of timelessness, let me assure you that’s not my intent.

Rather, I want it to be clear that, there’s always a possibility for things of this sort to happen. They’ve happened all throughout history, and there’s nothing to say they won’t continue to occur, in the foreseeable future.

You may not believe it, but I’m fully of a mind, that unscrupulous folks are taking advantage of fear, to cow people into doing their bidding, with the intent of making the existing situation look dire, and the person who they claim—fallaciously—created it, to look like some sort of ogre. And it all started with, “Fifteen Days to Rule Them All.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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