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For as little a thing comparatively, as I see the current COVID-19 pandemic to be, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about it.

I recognize that we’ve had a fairly large number of folks, die from this illness. Keep in mind, when I say fairly large, I mean a good deal less that a tenth of a percent of all American citizens. For those that aren’t sure what that means, it’s that substantially less than one in every thousand people in the population at large have died from the disease.

As is always true, nobody wants to see or hear that anybody has died of anything. You may rest assured that’s as true for COVID-19, as it is for any other condition or illness you might name. You can also be clear on the fact that I entirely agree with that sentiment.

Further, I know it probably sounds crass when I talk about how things have shaken out. I can only promise you I have no intent to come across that way. The thing is, when you start to deal in the realm of facts, it’s all too easy to seem like you’re heartless, whether that’s the case or as far from it as can be imagined.

I won’t make myself out to be all the way at the latter end, but I will tell you, there’s no such thing as a desirable death from COVID-19 in my mind. You could literally tell me that my worst enemy was ill with the virus, and I would certainly pray for their speedy recovery, and the best remedial care possible.

I want folks to understand as well, that I don’t consider the condition to be some kind of joke. I recognize there are those for whom this couldn’t be more serious.

Considering that though, I think it’s great news, that very few young folks have had the slightest reason to worry throughout the time frame of the pandemic.

In fact, I see this virus to be most heavily felt by the aged and already infirmed.

As far as I’m aware, it’s still true that less that 40,000 people have died of infection nationwide, from the 1st of February, 2020 to the present moment, under the age of 65.

Further, it’s been my contention for some time, that many of the deaths were not only preventable, but were a result of gross mismanagement and malfeasance. I won’t get into by whom or where, I think that’s already well enough known. On top of that, the information is not hard to get.

Today though, I wanted to attack things from a different perspective. I wanted to discuss folks who’ve had the virus, and are pretty much out of the woods, in terms of its effect.

Some are seeing long-term consequences, but I think the number of such folks is quite low. That said, I want it understood, I’m not belittling their suffering. I’m sorry they’re having to deal with it, and hope their future is brighter than their present.

For those that have gone through the tunnel, and come out the other side though, I just wanted to take a moment to discuss how incredibly fortunate you are.

Though I’ve heard one or two people, talk about the concept of reinfection, I’m pretty convinced that none of the supposed instances of that occurring, can be substantiated at this point.

Even if they could though, the apparent number is quite small.

What does that mean? Well it seems to me, it means you’ve made it through!

This is an important realization because, not only do you have little chance of being personally affected by the ailment again, but if you’ve gotten past the phase of infection and more importantly, of spreading infection, you almost certainly can’t be a carrier either.

The funny thing is, for you, face masks make zero difference at this point in all likelihood, as does social distancing, and sheltering in place. You can’t spread COVID-19, and you likely can’t get it again either.

Nobody should have any problem with you being wherever you want to be, nor going back to work, nor enjoying yourself in social settings.

I recognize for some, the road to that place was not by any means an easy one. I believe it’s likely the number of such folks was quite low. Nonetheless, they went through some pretty tough times, and for that, I’m sorry.

Even so, those folks, as well as the mildly affected appear to be done. There’s little to no chance they’ll tangle with the virus again.

It’s hard to imagine better news. While those of us at least unaware whether we’ve been subject to the condition, fret over the possibilities, you folks can sit back because you know. You know you’ve dealt with it. You’re clear you’ve suffered from it. Now though, that’s over.

People can say you should continue to act as those either not yet affected, or for whom the results of contracting the illness are so mild, they’re unaware they’ve had it. For my part though, I hope you’ll understand if I disagree.

Let’s be clear. You’ve suffered enough—whether that was a little or a lot—now it’s time not necessarily to celebrate, but at least to be happy! It’s not that you’re being unfair or unreasonable in some way. You went through the tribulation and came out the other side, relatively whole (or having recovered to be so).

So, enjoy that which others are being denied at present. Bask in the ability to do what you will, without the specter of COVID-19 over your head.

And let’s hope that others will accept that you’ve been where you’ve been, and allow you to do things like, visit with parents in nursing homes, and relatives in the hospital with no issues.

If you’ve been through COVID-19, and survived it. Now’s the time to be happy. Now you should be able to get out and do things, to enjoy yourself a little. Goodness knows you deserve it!

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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