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If you haven’t heard the term, you must not at all pay attention to a great deal of what’s being said in any media.

The fact is, it’s almost unheard of for a news outlet not to mention it from one perspective or another on a pretty regular basis.

The title of this piece, should make it clear to you about what I’m talking, but allow me to spell it out here. The subject of this article is man made changes in the climate world wide.

To begin with, I should make it quite plain that I cannot imagine anybody, trying to argue the climate hasn’t changed over the course of time. People who’ve been paying attention for long enough, may question whether there’s truly a notable trend even over the relatively short period people have been accurately recording things.

That’s really problem one in this discussion. We have a smidgen of data, by comparison to the absolute mountain of information that existed prior to our even really paying attention, regardless what case you make for the age of the planet.

Add to that the fact that more than a little of it is certainly at least questionable, if not entirely inaccurate. Keep in mind, we’re not just talking about old data either. There are instances where people have changed the color of boxes holding thermometers which has caused a different registration in temperatures over time—or existing boxes fading, causing similar problems.

These are but a couple examples of things that make you doubt the veracity of that collected.

I’ve seen people equate the talked about changes in climate (which, as I say, I don’t really believe there’s even a solid direction one can claim for them), to a person sneezing. This is because the time window discussed, can only be considered an extremely short one; and the older you believe planet Earth to be, the less significant the changes noted actually are.

I want to make something plain right now. I would be amazed if man’s actions on this ball of dust, in terms of emissions from various sources among other things, did not have some effect on the planet.

That said, I also believe it likely that our home has some “wiggle room” available. That is to say, there are almost certain to be counterbalancing results to the activities that’ve caused increases in emissions and other pollutants.

As well, I’d like to clarify, that I neither think we ought notaddress the emitting processes and other things being discarded, nor that we haven’tbeen working to do so. In my mind, remembering the seventies in the United States reasonably well, I can tell you that there were some pretty inefficient methods of transport out there for both people and things.

Looking at the present moment, it’s patently obvious, that mankind has spent a great deal of time and resource in attempting to mitigate that fact. On the other hand, it’s equally obvious much of society has become far more throw-away where other stuff is concerned.

Vehicles on the road today, are largely massively cleaner running, and as a result, tend to put out far less exhaust, for example, than automobiles in my youth.

And that’s not by any means, the only place such improvements have been made.

Houses tend to have heating and air units and appliances that use less energy; public buildings likewise.

In fact, I would argue that in all but a few regards, we’re largely moving towards a cleaner environment.

One can certainly properly indicate, that the amount of plastic waste generated on a daily basis is wholly unnecessary and unwarranted.

You would also certainly be correct in pointing out that, where places such as the United States have worked to reduce various pollutants—granted, having a great deal more we could and should do—other countries, such as China, are far from where we’d like them to be.

Even with all of this though, when you look at the effect on the climate that man seems to have produced, it can be argued to be negligible. We literally appear to be talking about temperature changes that could almost fall within the margin of error for the studies decrying them.

This assumes that the differences in question, can be fully attributed to man-made effect; a thing I’m reasonably certain nobody would be foolhardy enough to claim.

Part of the reality is, people talking about things that could happen—since nobody is certain what will—are saying the extreme scenarios point to no more than a ten degree Fahrenheit change considering all of the current century.

In the minds of many, this is alarmist and unlikely to say the least.

Per one of my least favorite sources (who tends to be accurate with regard to those having a liberal mindset), Wikipedia, comes a somewhat more accepted figure. That would be no more than 3.1°F over the remainder of that span.

Imagine your summer air conditioner temperature being moved up from 74°F, to 77.1°F. Having that happen may cause you mild discomfort, but it’s really unlikely much more will result.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t take any actions to bring the temperature back to the appropriate place assuming we can do so, but since the U. S. has been working for some time to make things better, it would largely be incumbent on nations like China, to change their behaviors, not us.

All of this would be based on the assumption we believe the estimations cited, and we decide they could be attributed to man, neither of which am a particularly willing to concede.

The best part? That, as I’ve already pointed out, many countries are already working to make things better, and I think it likely, regulation, accords, or whatever else aside, they’ll probably continue that trend.

So to begin with, all reasonable assessments seem to indicate the change in the remainder of the 21st century, will amount to a pretty small shift in temperature. Additional to that, lots of people have been talking about the coming disaster for many years, giving us ten, or twelve, or twenty years until a major crisis unfolded. Many of the admonitions came more than thirty years ago, yet here we are, with no discernible issues to show for all the doom-saying. Still we work to make things better, and continue to hear the claxons rage. Forgive me if I’m not moved to implement immediate, radical agendas to fix a problem I just don’t see being what it’s cracked up to be.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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