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I’m possibly among the whitest people on the planet in terms of my heritage. When my DNA is traced back to my families’ ancestral homelands, there’s literally no mention of anything outside of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Western Europe, and the United States.

I’m neither proud of that fact, nor ashamed of it. It is what it is. I didn’t choose to be who I was born, but I really have no problem with the fact that I am that person.

So you would have to wonder what foundation I would have for discussing any subject to do with the idea of multi-racial anything.

Here’s where life gets interesting. I’ve been married now, technically four times. The first two, were to the same person with a break in between. The next was very short, literally less than a year. The final one, I’m still legally involved in after more than ten years.

The first woman to whom I was married, is Korean. She was born in the Republic of Korea, and lived her childhood and young adulthood in that country. Pretty quickly after getting married, our first child was born. A couple years later, we had our second.

The story doesn’t end there. The one lady to whom I was married for a short period didn’t bear any children as a result of our time together. I could say more on that, but see no reason to do so.

The person to whom I’m presently joined is American, but the rub is that she’s of Hispanic family.

She had a child before we came together. That child was raised by the two of us, and lives out and away from me.

Together though, we had a baby, a little boy. I talk quite a bit about him, because he’s Moderately Autistic, and still lives in my house. Being clear, he’s not quite eight, so that’s not a great surprise.

The point is, the family that I helped to make by choice, consisted of three different “races.”

Of course, that means our children are “bi-racial.”

To me, that really pretty much means nothing at all. My children are my children and I’ll love them until I either die, or can no longer remember who they are.

These are my credentials, if you will. This is what gives me a right to claim a place at the table.

I recognize that things are different for each people group. As a result, it’s not the same to be of African family as, for example Hispanic.

In my mind though, except for what they choose to be, along with a few physical characteristics, there’s precious little difference between my offspring. That also applies to my spouses, former and present.

There may be cultural ways in which they differ, but that’s typically a matter of choice. It would be hard to argue it was more.

I’ve said before, and repeat now, that I love all of my children. I don’t think at this point, any of them agree with much I have to say, and that’s fine

In the end though, we are family.

A part of what that means is, I would have to love people against whom I was prejudiced, if I chose to be so where the groups to which they belong are concerned.

The fact is, I harbor no such thoughts or feelings towards any of them. Further, I can think of no person about whom I do.

In addition to all said to this point, if any of my children decided they wanted to marry or have as a “significant other” a person from any “racial” group, you can be assured if I disagreed with them being in such a relationship, it wouldn’t be on that basis.

When I was prone to find myself in the Korean community, I realized something astonishing to me. It wasn’t astonishing in a bad way, I just hadn’t considered it to be the case prior to that time.

That thing? Children born of Korean and white or black folks (and likely others) are often stunningly beautiful.

That’s on top of numerous other common traits. I rarely met a “mixed” person who was part Korean, who wasn’t actually quite intelligent as well. To be fair, most Koreans I’ve met are pretty smart, also.

Because I can only speak anecdotally, I can’t tell you how intelligence levels and physical appearance (read here, “attractiveness et al”), compare to the levels found in other “racial” groups. I can only tell you what I saw.

To be fair, when you’re daddy to such a child, it’s kind of hard to not think they’re beautiful or handsome, and smart. That said I doubt seriously anybody evaluating them objectively would say otherwise.

I guess too, the same is true when you’re talking about the children of friends. I think I can be pretty unbiased there though, yet I tell you that’s what I saw when I looked at them. And the same has proven true, for people of Hispanic and white or black (or again, likely other) “races.”

I’m sure there are people out there, who run the gamut, between adoring “bi-racial” people, and hating them with a passion. I’m equally certain that anyone who does either thing, or really anything in between based on a grouping of that sort, has questionable standards for measurement.

I can definitely believe there are children who’re half Korean that aren’t either stunning to look at, or brainy. I’m not trying to say what I saw was a fair random sampling.

The point though, is that whether they’re more prone to be either thing or not, there are definitely in their numbers, those who are so. This is obviously the case for every other group.

It’s always reasonable to say, “I’m attracted to people who look like this, or like that.” So I’m not trying to imply you would find the individuals about whom I’m talking as beautiful as do I.

Then again, that same statement is as true for people looking at me as it is for the people discussed.

In the end, I guess what I’m saying though is, where there are bound to be folks out there who irrationally hate or dislike people like my children, I’m assuredly not among them. Honestly, where I can’t say what everybody I know is thinking, I’ve never heard anybody talk such folks down. That of course, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen; just that I’d be surprised to hear it wasn’t rare.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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