Catching More Flies – Religion and Politics

If you don’t believe there are a bunch of highly magnanimous people in the United States of America, I strongly urge you to look at the very recent past and the present.

To begin with, there are, one assumes at least hundreds of thousands if not millions of white people who’re being told they’re racists, and at the very least, they’re not arguing against the premise.

I picked the number I did, because I think it’s fair to assume the book White Fragility has been bought by at least hundreds of thousands of white people, and that a fair number of them, again, are at a bare minimum, making no comment, much less criticism surrounding the foundational concepts presented.

The reality is, any white person who knows those core tenets and who isn’t putting more less innocuous questions out there, that would be sufficient to make the text fall down like the house of cards it is, would have to be pretty easy-going.

That likely means there are more like tens of millions who could be checked off the list of generally non-confrontational, even-handed folks.

I would bet there were a large number of folks of European extraction who also support the Black Lives Matter organization. It goes without saying that an even larger number, support the idea found in the statement; that is, that black lives matter—inasmuch as they count such a thing existing, rather than just counting “black” folks human.

It’s even more worth noting that, the majority of Americans likely believe prolonged protesting by BLM, strongly supported by Antifa, is entirely acceptable. This would explain the almost complete lack of overt support for government taking action against it.

So willing are folks to allow the protesting to continue, that they’ve even largely been uninterested in condemnation of the rioting and looting, which are definitely illegal.

As a final point, anybody who’s done the research into the vast majority of situations counted to be the underpinnings of those protests (and the rioting and looting), must be practicing great restraint, if they’re not calling for arrests of those acting in horrible fashions in may U. S. cities.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about those doing things that’re illegal, not those who are exercising the Constitutionally enshrined right to protest.

With regard to the protesters though, it should be recognized that, again, the many looking on while this is happening, ought to be looked at as more than a little patient in their attitudes.

You could argue that folks just don’t know what the final findings of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case were. You can do the same for so many of the others.

How many know that Mr Martin was on top of Mr Zimmerman, beating his head into the concrete?

How many have researched sufficiently to be aware that Breonna Taylor was suspected to be helping her boyfriend in the sale and distribution of illicit substances?

It’s not unreasonable to argue the average person just doesn’t have the time to learn this stuff. Even so, the total lack of animus and suspicion should be a sign of the unwillingness at least to condemn without knowledge.

This should make it clear to just about everyone that you don’t need to protest, much less riot and loot, to get the average American to at least tacitly support your position if you’re an organization like Black Lives Matter.

Now comes the rub.

I’ve said before, and I think we’re more and more seeing this is the case, that people are tiring of what’s happening.

They’re not even concerned that the number of incidents being cited is so small. Most don’t even seem to care that many of the cases discussed are not what the BLM folks have said they were.

They’re just tired of people burning, looting, destroying and enacting mayhem.

It gets to a point where your perspective may very well be valid, but people begin to question, not the cause, but the method. I believe that’s where we find ourselves at the present moment.

Yet and still, the way the average person will deal with this is not to go out in roving bands and clash with rioters. No, they’ll bide their time, then when it comes to deciding who runs various entities, they’ll vote for folks who will not put up with illegal acts no matter why or by whom they’re being perpetrated.

Don’t get me wrong, there’ll be plenty of Liberal enclaves that will continue to elect the same leaders they always have. I don’t even need to get into the usual suspects, you likely know them well.

All I need to do is mention their political leanings, and you’ll probably be well aware who we’re talking about. If that’s not the case, picture the various cities in the country who have portions on fire, or under the control of illegal marauding bands.

This is all precursor to what I wanted to say in this article.

There’s no way to be sure a Conservative will again win the presidency. There’s no way to tell who will win the various national congressional races—some are obvious, considering the same people have been in power for decades. If it happens though, that Conservatives and Republicans take even more control than they presently have, I wouldn’t be horribly surprised.

The funny thing is, whether they do or don’t, I would suggest it’s still time for a valuable lesson. The title of this piece was inspired by an old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

The point here is this. Even if you find yourself facing leadership that holds different base concepts than do you, if you can learn to be kind, agreeable and maybe even self-effacing, you’ll find yourself in a much better position than if you lash out at those you’re expecting to work with you.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr made it his business to be non-violent. He was kind and polite. That doesn’t mean he sacrificed his principles or beliefs on the altar of friendliness. That man was willing to die for what he believed; in fact, it’s entirely correct to argue that’s exactly what he did. Just remember though, he did what he did as a peaceful, gentle, generally kind man.

Thanks for reading and may your time be good.

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