COVID-19 and Useful Pawns – Religion and Politics

“Never let a crisis go to waste” – Original Author Uncertain

It’s as sure a thing as you can imagine, that there will be people to “capitalize on” just about any kind of event you can imagine. As such, I don’t think anyone should be surprised to hear a “quote” like the above out of the mouths of many people, with a variety of intents.

For the most part, the one thing that you can be sure of, is that a person uttering such a phrase, is interested in acting in haste. Put simply, if a person can “take advantage of” the fact that something viewed as a crisis is occurring, he or she may choose to enact or plant seeds to cause the enacting of things long desired, but under normal circumstances, considered unreasonable.

You can be sure that there are folks doing this very same sort of thing with the current “pandemic.”

Their fellows, it turns out, can be more easily swayed in uncharacteristic directions, by simply telling them things are worse than they actually are. And the unfortunate reality is, most folks will not do their due diligence, and check the veracity of claims before passing on the “most recent juicy tidbit.”

It’s bad enough that some of the claims made are intentionally deceptive. For example, who is aware that COVID-19 testing has increased around the United States, making it so the numbers appear to have “suddenly spiked” as the results of increased testing roll in.

Add to that the fact that the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 seem to have plummeted, and things really start to get interesting.

Where it really gets bad though, is at that point where folks take well written “propaganda material” for other ailments (like, for example, Multiple Sclerosis, or Lyme Disease), and modify them so they appear to have been written about Coronavirus.

Rolling through one of my social media accounts (probably the most active and typically the least accurate, in terms of factual data), I saw something that looked strangely familiar except that where I had seen it before to be talking about another malady, in this case, it was as if it had been penned for COVID-19.

It basically asserted that COVID-19 was an “autoimmune disorder.” As far as I was able to determine from the small amount of research I was willing to do on the matter, this is patently false. COVID-19 is not an autoimmune disease according to the standardly used and expressed definition of such diseases. Autoimmune illnesses are characterized by the immune system “attacking a healthy body.”

From everything I can see, this is not how COVID-19 does business.

The near-meme also implied something I’ve seen before, but had not bothered to confirm. That was that COVID-19 stays in the system “forever.”

It appears that it can stay in the system for weeks. Past that data, at this point, there’s no indication that it remains in a healthy human for any longer period. This, I will conceded, may actually be true—not that it means much, as it appears that after a certain period, it’s more about “fragments” of the virus being in the body, than things that will actually harm the “carrier” or can be transmitted by them to others.

One of the articles I read in my research, also indicated that it appears reinfection, is not possible. This is something that could be found to be incorrect at any time, of course.

The point of all of this is though, that the person who “transmitted this disease of bad information,” is otherwise a relatively rational, reasonable human being, as far as I can tell.

Where that individual got what was re-shared, I cannot tell you. I can only tell you that it almost certainly was a re-share.

It’s bad enough to go about spreading disinformation. It’s worse yet, to make it so others will be less sympathetic to people in an already bad state, as a result of doing so.

Don’t see how this does that? Well, it’s really quite simple. There’s a pretty large “community of folks” out there with various autoimmune diseases. Those people suffer anywhere from mildly, to severely on an ongoing basis as a result. The level of control for those individuals is literally different from person to person and condition to condition. Some though, suffer badly literally minute-by-minute.

I grant that there are others who feel the pain of conditions that are not related to the immune system attacking an otherwise healthy body, but the thing is, human biology provides some devastatingly effective means for dealing with pathogens. When the system that does that fails, attacking a health body, the results can be exactly that, devastating.

Yes it’s true, other illnesses and injuries can be likewise—even COVID-19, one assumes (we know it can result in death in the “correct circumstances.”).

Here’s my message to those of you who drop bombshells without consideration of the truth. Maybe, just maybe you should consider being skeptical, and taking a little more time to do research before posting things that may well result in pandemonium as they make their way through the “social-media-sphere.”

That’s particularly true if you’re older, more experienced, and considered by many to be a source of level-headed consideration.

I have watched as far too many people, have allowed themselves to be pawns (what Josef Stalin referred to as “useful idiots”) of people with agendas to push. I’ve seen people who I would’ve trusted, who I would have believed, slowly descend into the madness of barking the mainstream howl.

I’m not here to tell you everything found in the “big tent” is incorrect. What I’m here to say to you is, Ronald Reagan was not so wrong (in fact, I would say he was totally correct) when he expressed the doctrine of “trust but verify.”

Want to be someone I’m more likely than not to believe? Take the time to confirm things before putting them out for public exhibition. By doing this one thing, you will make the world a saner, happier place.

Thanks for reading, and may your time be good.

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