A Note to the Spammers

Just a quick note to my “spammer fans.”

  1. Because I have had spammers try to use my site for their purposes (among other things), my site is fully moderated. Put simply, no message or reply will “make it to the general public” without being reviewed by my eyes.

  2. You (the spammers) have helped me to decide on policy for my site. Please know that, if your message doesn’t have true content, it will not ever see the light of day on my site. That means—just to make sure I’m clear—that not only does what makes its way even to the comments must have something in it other than two or three characters, but I have zero interest in being “ego stroked.” So, “This is exactly what I was looking for,” or “Such a very insightful piece,” or similar, will not get your comment posted on my site.

    If you’re not saying something meaningful (arguing against what I have said, providing supporting information, something meaningful), you will not ever have a post or comment “published on” my site.

  3. Even if you say something meaningful, if there is even a trace of advertising or other “piggybacking” visible in your post (this includes email addresses, web sites that are for selling or advancing some agenda, or whatever of that sort), your post or comment will not be allowed on this site.

It’s not at all hard to “moderate you out of existence” and if it ever becomes so it will be time to quit blogging. Frankly, I see zero signs that anybody is listening as a rule to begin with, so it won’t be that great a loss if I have to discontinue this site.

Thanks for listening (or not).

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