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  • COVID-19, The Spike! – Religion and Politics

    Considering that the sheer number of deaths has been pretty consistently falling for a couple of months, the additional possibility that the number of infections may be higher than what’s reported may be startling to some.

  • Familiarity Doesn’t Breed Contempt – Religion and Politics

    I’ve come to the conclusion long titles are harder for people to handle than short ones. As a result, I did my best to keep this one relatively short. If I had made it as long as I would have liked, it would have been “Familiarity Does NOT Breed Contempt; and Absence Does NOT make […]

  • On Spam

    I just wanted to take am moment to reiterate what I have previously said. In case you’re wondering why “your comment” is not showing on my site, let me clue you in: The site is moderated. That means no comment will make it past me (the moderator) without my scrutiny of all of its content. This includes the […]

  • A Note to the Spammers

    Just a quick note to my “spammer fans.” Because I have had spammers try to use my site for their purposes (among other things), my site is fully moderated. Put simply, no message or reply will “make it to the general public” without being reviewed by my eyes. You (the spammers) have helped me to decide on policy […]