Author: Kurt Shubert

  • Christianity and Politics

    I have found myself recently, saying (essentially), “People who know me at all would know this or that about me.” I’m going to do that again now. If you know anything about me at all, you’re aware that I don’t support the political process with either votes, money (at least not by intent) or time […]

  • “The Kingdom of God Is Within You” by graf Leo Tolstoy – Free Ebook

    If you’re a Christian and you have not read this book, you ought to do so. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Source: “The Kingdom of God Is Within You” by graf Leo Tolstoy – Free Ebook

  • Overview of America – YouTube

    Another favorite video of mine…

  • Islam and Racism

    I can’t imagine anybody knowing me for very long, without coming to the understanding that I don’t believe in the concept of “race” as is it typically applied to humanity. Put simply, I do not believe in different races among humans and therefor, do not believe in racism among them either. There are a lot of […]

  • YouTube Obama Mocking God and the Bible Speech on Religion – YouTube

    What’s wrong with this video? Well, there are multiple things, let’s see if we can come up with some of them: Mr Obama appears to be unfamiliar with his Bible. He is—by way of example—unfamiliar with the idea of Old Testament versus New Testament. Funny that the majority of his quotes are Old Testament, and that […]

  • Why I (Generally) Quit Commenting on Facebook Posts

    I was reminded again today, why I generally quit commenting on Facebook posts. A Facebook “friend” posted something about which I felt I had something to say that would be of benefit to the original post. I proceeded to comment on that post, with the idea that discourse could occur, and that—in the worst case—I […]

  • The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms

    I found this video to be extremely instructive the first time I watched it. Well worth the watch

  • “They (We) worship the same god”

    I went to visit my brother over the Thanksgiving break—a thing which is always interesting and instructional—and a conversation ensued about which I would like to write a bit here. A small group was sitting around the dining room table, just talking, when the discussion turned to religion (something I know many consider a bad […]

  • Favorite Video: What is America’s True Form of Government? – YouTube

    This is one of my favorite videos for explaining government in general. It comes from a longer video that I will probably find and post as well at some point. Is it 100% accurate? Not in my view, but it’s one of the best I have seen to this point.

  • On the Concept of Disenfranchisement

    As I was taking my weekday morning walk/run yesterday morning, I started to consider the idea often expressed as “disenfranchisement.” My consideration led me to some conclusions: You may have noticed that one of the fairly popular business models out there, is called the franchise. It is no mistake that this word is used here, […]