Month: August 2020

  • Opposing Views – Religion and Politics

    In the end, the point of this little piece is to indicate that disagreement and argument are not inherently evil or problematic things. They can even be considered necessary ones. Evolution of ideas, even for a single individual is largely predicated on one’s ability to have contentious discourse with others. Arguing that this is some sort of aggression or violence is something that can easily be turned back on the one doing so. Rather, you ought to hear others out, then apply what you know to the best of your ability. In doing so, you may potentially achieve amazing results.

  • The Cost of Mayhem – Religion and Politics

    If you think you’re doing anybody a favor by rioting, looting and, destruction, you’re not just lying to yourself, you’re harming people about whom you claim to care in the process. To say nothing of others you’ve never even met, who might seek to be sympathetic to your plight, were it not for your untoward actions.

  • Stepping Away – Religion And Politics

    So, maybe it’s not the total ticket to success when dealing with complex issues. Maybe others can function unerringly without needing to step out, but for me it’s been an invaluable tool in my toolbox. If you find issues at work or in your personal life are leaving you drained and feeling like a failure my suggestion is, for just a while, walk away.

  • Undue Violence – Religion and Politics

    Perhaps you think you’ll change the world through rash, violent action. The truth is, you can’t help but change some part of it. That doesn’t mean the alterations will be for the better. When you maim and kill as a result of trying to bring about some difference or other though, you can count on being viewed badly by others, making it likely they’ll revile your ends as much as or more than your person. Chances are you’ll be on the planet for a good many years to come. Do you really want to live with the results of sowing discord and chaos through violence? I hope not.

  • Social Safety Net – Religion and Politics

    You may think government programs are generally pretty decent, that’s not been my experience. Even now, I’ve been waiting for a decision on my local unemployment insurance for the past six weeks. I’ve been off work (and looking desperately for more), for three months. Part of the delay was my fault, the rest is on the government. Trust me when I tell you, people definitely do get lost in the shuffle.

  • School Interaction – Religion and Politics

    I get concern over the current health situation—though my thoughts and feelings on things don’t tend to match most folks’. Even so, I feel as though I need to have open communications with my child’s teachers to ensure he continues to move forward apace. I’m hoping things settle down as time goes on. That said, I’m a little worried that may not be the case. If it isn’t, I have fears for my son’s well-being, at least in the short term. This is my current concern. I hope and pray things work out for the best, not just for my child, but in general.

  • Lock Step – Religion and Politics

    You may say the government deals reasonably with those trying to work with it. I tell you that, I paid into this system, and cannot take out of it, even after fighting to get them to acknowledge me at all. You’ll forgive me if I see government as a set of lock-step, horribly inefficient entities (and for more reasons, and more cases than this); if you haven’t read this piece, you probably won’t fully understand why. When you have, you should.

  • Covert Authority – Religion and Politics

    In the end, the point is, if you don’t take the time to see what’s happening, if you continue to cede your rights to “government agencies here to help,” you shouldn’t be surprised when the result is not what you expected. Whether you like it or not, when some folks taste power, their response may be to want a whole lot more. Is that what’s presently happening here? You decide.

  • Fact Check – Religion and Politics

    The point here is this. If you own or run a social media company, please don’t assume I want you to act as my nanny, and validate the correctness of what’s put out on your site. I can do that work acceptably well all on my own. Thanks for your attention.

  • And Justice for All – Religion and Politics

    The point is, in this tale and many others currently in the news and on social media, the facts one initially hears, often look nothing like the final story that comes out. Investigations typically follow such occurrences. Sometimes they prove the person killed was innocent of any wrongdoing. Largely though, that’s not at all the case. It certainly doesn’t appear true in the aforementioned event. In this country, the ask is in that line of the Pledge of Allegiance, “With liberty and justice for all.” At present, that isn’t what seems to be happening.