Month: June 2020

  • Spirit Versus Letter – Religion and Politics

    What do I conclude? The mask ordinance is a near total failure. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. More Importantly? Most folks care only about the letter of the law, not the spirit of it as such, a rule like that cannot help but fail.

  • It’s Free… – Religion and Politics

    Put another way, likely predominantly non-students got food, and the taxpayer (with little or no input) paid for it. That may not be a problem for you, but you can rest assured it is for me and others like me. I pay for what I eat and feed my child (who is “school aged”). When I see people with nicer, newer cellular phones and nicer, newer cars than me, drive up to a local school to pick up food, you can be sure I’m not in my “happy place” at that moment in time.

  • Communism Versus Soclialism – Religion and Politics

    I hope this clears up why I don’t tend to distinguish between communism and socialism. I should point out that I generally find it a waste of time to distinguish between either or the two and outright despotism or tyranny. That’s because they all tend to be functionally the same.

  • Movements – Religion and Politics

    The tendency for movements to move away from their first love, towards things that often are totally unrelated to their initial purpose and charter is why, but for a few notable exceptions, I do not support the concept of “movements.” This is also why so many people (who would not be otherwise), are so hesitant to say things that ought to be simple like “Black lives matter.”

  • The Sea Slug Among Zebras – Religion and Politics

    There is an older “formerly transgender” gentleman who essentially said, “All I managed to do was to make myself look like that which I desired to be via chemistry and physical mutilation.” Remember, these are not my words. In the end, he was still what he was, and it made him feel no better to attempt to “camouflage himself” as what he desired to be.

  • The Impossible Dream – Autism

    I spent weeks trying to convince my son that talking dogs (read here, “the like of Scooby-Doo”) are not real. I still think he comes back to the belief they’re actually a thing. Such is my life, and his. My time is at an end where this article is concerned. I just wanted to give you a “peek under the hood” of the Autistic mind. I hope this article has served to do that.

  • Statistics Versus Anecdote – Religion and Politics

    Put simply, if I didn’t kill your uncle, nor assent to his death, if you make me undergo retribution for that act, you’re potentially no better than the people who actually did kill your uncle. That doesn’t mean it’s not sad, unfortunate, and a matter that should be taken up that your uncle was killed, just that it shouldn’t be a matter of undirected or misdirected rage.

  • Violence – Religion and Politics

    Nobody in their right mind is trying to say law enforcement is “pure as the driven snow” (that would be like trying to argue that my children are “perfect angels”—which not one of them has ever been). But the majority of folks working to keep the streets policed tend to be good, honest, hard working folks.

  • Questionalble Judgement – Religion and Politics

    Final thought? Protesting is literally Constitutionally guaranteed. That doesn’t mean every instance of it is anywhere near reasonable. In the instance this was “modeled after,” I submit it was not.

  • Police Misconduct – Religion and Politics

    So you still think we have “systemic issues” with Police misconduct (much less brutality)? You may be part of the problem! Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong! One warning though; don’t count on my not looking into what you say. Based on the “abuse of power” demonstrated by the “press” and others, you can count on my taking the time to look into things and respond.