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  • Defunding the Police – Religion and Politics

    The world isn’t a perfect place. Though that’s the case, taking radical actions to attempt to “fix” it, probably is not the best solution. Slow, measured, determined action and discussion is most likely what’s called for.

  • Communism Versus Soclialism – Religion and Politics

    I hope this clears up why I don’t tend to distinguish between communism and socialism. I should point out that I generally find it a waste of time to distinguish between either or the two and outright despotism or tyranny. That’s because they all tend to be functionally the same.

  • I Just Learned My Child Is Autistic, What Now? Part III – Autism

    It can be a somewhat amazing thing to find out that you have enough to say on a given subject to write three or more thousand word blog entries on the subject. Apparently—and I should tell you that I’m a bit surprised to find this is the case—this is true for my “advice to people […]

  • I Just Learned My Child Is Autistic, What Now? Part II – Autism

    The very last article I wrote was on this same subject. I found that I had a great deal more to say than I initially thought. The reality is that there are a lot of things that more or less apply to “normal” children, on which a certain amount of “spin” most be employed when […]

  • I Just Learned My Child Is Autistic, What Now? – Autism

    I try very hard to not let folks I meet when with my son know that he is Autistic. Even so, I have told more than a few people this was the case to make them aware for one reason or another. Most of the time, the result is all but a sympathetic “There, there! […]

  • What is Socialism? – Religion and Politics

    I believe that one of the things that makes it so very hard to “nail down” a definition for Socialism, is that folks—myself included—have a tendency to view various terms through their “personal lens.” Put simply, people allow their experiences and the words of others, to “color” their view of particular words or expressions. This […]

  • My Own of Course — Whose Ideas Do You Support?

    I have to be entirely honest, I have zero idea how much of the time I sound big headed, conceited, whatever you choose to call it. It’s not so much that I don’t care, as that: I’m pretty well convinced that people will assume you’re conceited for nothing more than that you disagree with their […]

  • My Political “Final Bow”

    I probably have not mentioned it here, but I have pretty much always been a slow learner. Though I’m sure there are more than a few people who will choose to disagree, I tend to “make up for” that by coming out of learning situations with a much stronger understanding than does the average person. […]

  • If You’ve Ever Wondered About the Expression “Indomitable Spirit” – About MSG Roy Benavidez

    Being pretty much a pacifist these days, I really don’t support the idea of military service—even though I spent nine years in the U. S. Air Force. I recognize the right of states to maintain militias, and the intent of the Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution to support unhindered arming of U. S. […]

  • About Hillary Clinton

    I don’t normally talk about things I don’t consider timeless on this blog. I am going to make an exception, but let somebody else do the talking.