Marriage – An Unfortunate Viewpoint

I think it highly likely that any complicated set of beliefs, will have adherents who have a variety of misconceptions about that belief set. It is obvious this must be true for Christianity, since a pretty crucial reason for the number of sects currently found in Christendom can be stated simply as “differences in beliefs,” often surrounding core tenets.

In some things, much of Christendom is in agreement. This does not necessarily make them correct in what they believe.

One example of this, is the apparently quite commonly held belief that marriage is a thing between one man and one woman. Another that is less common, but equally incorrect, is that a marriage can be between two men or two women. By the way, the belief that the latter is the case seems to be sharply on the rise.

There are so many other widely held beliefs I could (and probably should) challenge, that the number boggles the mind. At the moment though, I would like to cover just misconceptions related to marriage. In particular, I would like to focus on the belief that Christianity supports the idea of marriage between two men or two women.

I would like to take a moment before doing that, to reiterate my unwillingness to accept the system of supposed jurisprudence in any country (but most particularly in the United States) as some sort of authority on marriage. Frankly, I don’t really hold that “the church” can hold that position, but if any Earthly authority were equipped to handle it, that authority would assuredly be the church before it was the state.

I bring this up in order to make it crystal clear that laws surrounding who can, can’t, should or shouldn’t be married, are of little to no consequence when it comes to actually answering these questions. From a Christian perspective, the question of who can and should be married is one that can only be understood by seeking God’s will and heart on the matter. Interestingly, though it can be misconstrued by those reading it without understanding, it will be very clear to those reading the Bible with understanding.

As an example of misunderstanding, anyone trying to make the argument that “marriage is the union of one man and one woman, probably either has not spent much time in the Bible, or has failed to see the truth as a result of doing so. The reality is, that the Bible essentially says that a man can have more than one wife. Without essentially stating that the Bible is not a written representation of the will of God, one cannot ignore what the Bible says about marriage.

Personally, one wife is—quite frankly—often already more than I can handle. As such, even though I believe the Bible supports my having more than one, I cannot imagine ever having two at the same time. Nonetheless, the only time the Bible specifically speaks about a man having “but one wife,” is when it talks about a person holding a certain office in the Church. At no other time of which I am aware does it even imply such a restriction. And it is rife with examples of powerful people considered righteous before God having more than one wife (no doubt, more than a few not so righteous as well).

In the United States system of “justice,” having more than one wife is bigamy, and as such, is against the law. I see no reason to test that law. As I say, one is more than enough for me.

Even so, in my view, the only perspective that “matters,” is the one that is significant to God. As such, the reason I will not test my liberty to be married to more than one woman at a time is no different than the reason that I chose to follow speed limits on public roadways; that being, that I have zero reason to challenge them. Put another way, I still believe what the Bible says to be correct and proper, entirely regardless the law of the land.

That is why I hold the beliefs I do with regard to two men or two women being married. It isn’t a matter of what I personally support, or think “just.” Rather, it’s a matter of what God lays down as the way one ought to live one’s life. And I believe the majority of people in the U.S. who support (improperly in my view) laws endorsing the idea of marriage being between men and women (and particularly, one man and one woman) are using this as the basis for their statements and actions doing so.

I’m equally sure that the majority of such folks, consider marriage a sacred bond, set forth by God Almighty. They don’t see the woman or man to whom they are married as a “piece of meat” or somehow subservient to themselves. They see them as a “promised helpmeet.”

At the same time, I believe, and I think most of the aforementioned are with me on this, that most people seeking “marital equality” for themselves or others who are “gay” etcetera, are doing so because of a belief that those people are being treated unjustly. In other words, I don’t think they largely have some insidious plot simmering in the backs of their minds with regard to a reduction or corruption of the morality of the general populace.

That being said, I do believe that some of the more powerful “movers and shakers” in the “debate” have exactly that intent. To wit, they wish to “change the moral climate to one somewhat more to their liking.” I believe the reasons for that desired change vary from one group to the next. That being said, more than a few of them wish to make that which is shocking and considered to be improper “into the mainstream” with the idea of making things that are even more shocking and improper seem less so.

Examples of such things would be pedophilia and beastility (there are others, but I’m not going to get into them here).

So to sum up and hopefully clarify the reality, rather than the fantasy some folks would like to live and like you to believe, I don’t by any means believe the average person supporting the “one man, one woman” marital concept have it at all in mind to somehow “keep women down” or “treat them as property or meat.” Rather, by and large, most of them support the idea of marriage as a holy, sacred institution under which only a select set of people may live. Whether you agree with them or not is really not the issue. If you are a Believer, you must make your own decisions, but beware, you will not stand before me or any other Earthly “authority” for your choices and decisions.

As usual, thanks for reading, and have the best of days, nights, or, whatever!

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