On the Foolishness of Race Among Humans – Guglflaarb

Guglflaarb. That’s right! You heard me correctly. I said Guglflaarb!

“What on Earth,” you ask, “is Guglflaarb?” Wait, you mean you really don’t know? Well, in that case, permit me to enlighten you. Guglflaarb is best defined as, “The rectitude of the left side of your aura under a full moon.

Among humanity, there are a very few people who can detect the rectitude of your Guglflaarb at all (namely me), and—were it not true that I am the only one able to detect it under the “proper” circumstances—there would be even fewer who could would be able to detect it outside of the proper ones. Since I am the only one who can detect it in the correct circumstances, there are the same number who can detect it outside of them.

None of this may seem important to you, but it’s extremely important to me. Improper Guglflaarb is the greatest problem facing society today, after all. Don’t believe me? Well, that’s quite obviously because you don’t understand.

Likelihood is, you’re a denier. Probability is, you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “What on Earth is this idiot saying?” Well, why should that surprise me? After all, I’m sure nobody has ever set you on the “Path to Enlightenment.”

So now, all I ask, is that you be reasonable. Accept that Guglflaarb exists and realize that those of us who have discovered this are the only ones who can set your feet on the proper path. If you’ll just go through the appropriate training, you too will come to understand, to see the righteousness of my cause and the truth in my words! And perhaps together, we can ensure that your Guglflaarb is as it should be.

Soon, you will be helping others along the path to enlightenment and righteousness, just as I’m now offering to do for you. Soon you too will be a believer, an adherent.

There are many telltale signs of improper alignment… things like your eyes being too close together, or too far apart. And it’s been scientifically proven, that if your Guglflaarb is bad, it cannot be corrected. In short, you are what you are where your Guglflaarb is concerned, and if it’s not good, you cannot be counted on. In fact “bad” Guglflaarb, is a sign that you are at least mildly evil.

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far into my ludicrous little make-believe session, maybe I can help you to understand my intent.

See, what I’m intending to use Guglflaarb to represent here, is race where humans are concerned. Just as Guglflaarb  is a sham, so is race, where humans is concerned, to me.

The inconvenient reality is, if race among humans is fakery, so is racism.

It seems like every time I say this—because too many are driven by emotion—I have to “explain myself.” What I am not saying, is that a bunch of silly, not so bright, and plain human malefactors have not done a bunch of evil stuff in the name of race and racism. What I AM saying is, just because that’s the name they chose to use to justify their heinous actions does not mean the name they have used is reasonable, or correct.

None of this makes their actions any less heinous or incorrect, and I’m by no means trying to say any of it does. Rather, I want to make it clear that—just like with Guglflaarb—allowing racism to stand as some sort of “reason” for these folks’ action is a very bad thing. Guglflaarb is not real, and, neither is race or racism. I get that it gives folks a “handle” by which to “grab” a concept. The problem is, that it gives folks with evil intent, what appears to be a justification for improper action.

If there were no other reason to “ditch” human racism as a concept, it should be enough that we allow ourselves to be divided by “race.” And the thing is, unlike beliefs (read here things like, “Christianity and Islam”), if we allow ourselves to be divided by the entirely imaginary and unfounded idea of race, there is literally nothing to bring us back together on that basis again, short of the recognition that race is not a thing among humans.

Instead, we fumble along, allowing ourselves to be cast in the idiocy of “black” and “white,” as if there were any way to make those have some sort of scientific or logical meaning. The best part? We then “team” these ideas with pseudo-scientific terms like “Hispanic,” and “Asian.” Seriously?

Okay, it’s obvious there are differences in both look and culture as you travel the Globe. Culture can be entirely discarded as a differentiator on the basis that a person can wholly or partially reject the culture that is native to that person.

At this point, we’re pretty much different in terms of how we look. Forgive me for saying so, but big hairy deal. There are members of my blood family you would never guess were related to me based on how we look (my two older children are half Korean, my two younger half “Hispanic”). That doesn’t change who we are to one another. I’m still related to them, and whether they want to admit it or not, they are related to me as well. I love them as I would love any child of mine. My relatives I like or dislike depending not on from where they come, but who they are, and I have every expectation the same applies to how they look at me.

So, if you’re busy using race as an “excuse” for anything where humans are concerned, do everybody a favor and stop. I know, I know, there are people out there who will continue to use “race” as their motivation, and even among those who stop the foolishness, it will not happen overnight. That having been said, please consider what I’m saying carefully, and remember, I am not advocating for the idiots who choose to use race or any similar things for their evil intents. On the other hand, I have no desire to see them continue to hide behind race, or anything like it for their untoward purposes.

One more thought to consider. Though I count the choice to believe differently from others, something that may result in contention, unless someone intends or effects harm via their beliefs, I do not consider it my right to “take up arms” against another for the fact that we disagree. That doesn’t mean I will go quietly into the night where my beliefs are concerned, just that I will not intend harm to others because we disagree in ways that are not physically harmful.

As usual, thanks for reading, and here’s hoping your upcoming time (day etc.) is good.

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