Month: September 2019

  • Symptoms – On Abstract Concepts – Autism

    Do you remember the first time you played the children’s game of “Tag” or of “Hide and Seek?” Many may not, but they remember having played the game or games in question any number of times after that first. As for me, I don’t recall playing any such game until I was well into my […]

  • You are who You are, Your Acceptance Notwithstanding – Religion and Politics

    One of the favorite memes of the “Internet unapologetic” on social media in the modern day has the essential form “I am who I am, your acceptance is not required.” Each iteration is slightly different, but all are essentially statements by the posters of the idea that they are, essentially unapologetically, who they are. The […]

  • Maybe They’re Not Horrible Parents – Religion and Politics

    Pretty much every time I see a parent somewhere “in the public eye,” dealing with a child or with children that seem entirely unruly, I ask myself a simple, obvious question. Is this person, or are these people, “a bad parent,” or “bad parents?” A lot of folks would hold this to be more ore […]

  • Symptoms Your Expecatations vs His Behavior – Autism

    I’ve written a couple of pieces in a row about the idea of “symptoms” of Autism. The first thing you should understand, is that what I refer to as “symptoms” are more or less properly referred to as “behaviors.” I use the word “symptoms,” because for Autistic folks—at least some of them—behaviors are a matter […]

  • Symptoms – Largest Concerns – Autism

    For the last couple of things I’ve written for my blog, I have focused on a couple of main ideas. The first I’ll mention, is the idea that if you don’t seek to know and understand an Autistic person, you will be hard put to deal with them in any reasonable or meaningful way. This […]

  • On Symptoms – Autism

    In my last article related to Autism, I talked about the idea that one’s ability to relate to folks so diagnosed, is based on the ability and willingness to actually get to know the person in question in order to do so. In this post, I wanted to take a moment to deal with some […]