Month: July 2020

  • COVID-19, School and Autism – Religion and Politics

    The point of all I’ve said up to now is simple. If you think school is worthless, or even unimportant, consider what it does for both parents and children that would be substantially more difficult if the schools ceased to exist, or even attempted to move to an online only format. If that’s not a sufficiently strong motivator to keep it around, be “selfish” and consider the ill prepared workmates with whom you’ll have to deal if ever it’s not around.

  • Racism, My Experience – Religion and Politics

    I’m well aware my experiences are not some sort of “standard sampling.” On the other hand, I also know that almost all memories I’m not sharing here, are not even tinged with racism.

  • Storm Troopers – Religion and Politics

    Wrapping up. Yes, law enforcement at various levels has been guilty of bad judgement and very probably, a small amount of illegal action. Yes, protestors have done likewise. The same can certainly be said of rioters and looters. All should be called to account. Out of all of them though, the rioters and looters are far and away, the worst of the lot.

  • COVID-19, The Spike! – Religion and Politics

    Considering that the sheer number of deaths has been pretty consistently falling for a couple of months, the additional possibility that the number of infections may be higher than what’s reported may be startling to some.

  • Character Assassination – Religion and Politics

    Final thought? To know how to respond to me, you must know who I am (not who I was). From there, you can take what I say “in context with” the person you believe me to be. In doing that, you can decide whether what I support has merit. Pretty much any other approach of which I’m aware is—intentionally or not—disingenuous.

  • Victimhood – Religion and Politics

    I cannot know your life. I cannot feel your struggles, your hardships, your difficulties, your pain. Even so, I can tell you that, those things aside, you can be a victor, and hopefully to a greater degree than you are or ever were a victim. Being brave, acting when you feel you’ve no will to proceed isn’t easy. It is possible though; just ask the many who’ve proven it.

  • The Problem With Activism – Religion and Politics

    We come to realize that a good deal of life is “playing various roles.” As such, we understand that we must act in certain ways and speak in particular fashions, when we deal with others. It should be well understood that what we do and say are not necessarily indicative of what’s going on in our minds.

  • Pandemic! – Religion And Politics

    “PANDEMIC!” It sounds so scary, but in reality, the danger presented by a pandemic cannot be measured by looking strictly at the numbers of affected individuals. Rather, you must consider the results. Are people being badly affected? How, and to what extent?

  • Immunity – Religion and Politics

    I can understand a perspective that says, “If you’re at risk, take precautions.” I can understand people supporting folks who are at risk. I cannot count reasonable, affecting many who not only are at very low risk at worst, but are at risk for other conditions potentially as a result of the current course of action—particularly with no real understanding what we’re bringing about.

  • Why Write Laws? – Religion and Politics

    How do you make good, decent people? It starts early, and preferably at home, but it extends to all of us. When you present a role model, and help young folks to understand how important it is to be good, honorable, helpful, useful folks, you’re helping to make the difference.