Month: May 2020

  • Counting the Cost – Religion and Politics

    The point of all of this? If you think increasing taxation on the wealthy will result in sufficient funding for more programs, you should know you’re massively in error. Doing so would barely provide a “drop in the proverbial bucket” compared to what’s already owed by the federal government alone. And that’s if you taxed them at one hundred percent.

  • Successful Society – Religion and Politics

    One of the more annoying things that happens to you when you settle down, and start providing housing for yourself and others, is finding that “science experiment” in the refrigerator. It’s hard to decide whether it’s more annoying when someone else “creates it,” or when you do. Nonetheless, when you find it, it must be […]

  • On Essential Personnel – Religion and Politics

    I did something last night that I would pretty much never do by choice. I bought yet another television. Why? Suffice it to say I have progeny who do a fine job of destroying things. After the grand unboxing of the cheap, relatively nondescript item in question, I set about making it function. It was […]