Month: March 2020

  • On Captialsm and Wealth – Religion and Politics

    How do you in the United States (at or relatively near the “poverty level” in particular) think it would feel to be filthy rich? What if I told you that by comparison to much of the rest of the World’s population, you know? You see, it turns out that in very few places in the […]

  • Why I’m a Skeptic – Religion and Politics

    Many people are prone to look at a person like me and immediately chant the “No negativity” mantra. The funny thing is, I’m not a particularly negative person. What I am is a “skeptic.” In my mind, the most important thing about something one does or says, is that it should be treated as suspect […]

  • We’re Sorry, The World is Currently Closed – Religion and Politics

    Here we are! 2020 and the Great Corona Scare is in full swing. I know that almost everybody I’ve talked with about this is at least marginally and mostly completely of a different opinion surrounding all that’s transpiring, than am I. The thing is, the Corona Virus in its current mutation is like so many […]

  • Parenting Versus Every Other Relationship – Religion and Politics

    I can’t imagine being a parent and not appreciating everyone who is truly helpful in my task of parenthood. That’s truer as a result of having a moderately Autistic seven year old than it even was for my other children. The truth is, that my other children didn’t need nearly as much “stuff” (physical, mental, […]

  • Employers, the Benefactor Most Beneficiaries Love to Hate – Religion and Politics

    You are a successful businessperson. Most people have no idea what you had to do and be in order to accomplish that. They look at your position today and assume ’twas ever thus. They’re unable to imagine the “days of ramen.” They cannot envision you struggling to pay for gas in your old used car. […]