Month: November 2019

  • Who were you? Who are you? Who will you be? — Religion and Politics

    There are subjects one would assume are “done to death.” And maybe that’s a fair statement for the one I’m intending to address with this post. That having been said, I also firmly believe there are things that cannot be said too often. Further, there are differences in presentation that may cause a given point […]

  • Religion, Politics, Philosophy and Relationships

    One of the rarest things I have experienced in my neither greatly short, nor particularly long life, are people who I can account “kindred spirits.” This is rather amazing when you consider that I ought to have a great deal in common with folks who are Christians on the basis that we claim Christ as […]

  • My Rights – Religion and Politics

    It’s a normal work day. You wake yourself up at 5:30AM, having luxuriated in an additional half hour of sleep (you normally wake up at 5:00AM if not a tad earlier). You make your first morning cup of coffee, and drag yourself through shaving, brushing your teeth and showering. You gather together all things needed […]