Month: April 2019

  • More on Self-Identification – Religion and Politics

    In a previous article (, I spent time talking about the concept of “self-identification” and the problems with it. As I argued in that article, as a rule external identification is preferable to self-identification, though it is not nearly always even close to perfect. Looking back, one thing I do not appear to have discussed […]

  • On Standards and Fairness – Religion and Politics

    Recently it was made clear to me that standards without a creating or maintaining authority with commensurate responsibility are generally not meritorious. The primary reason for this is that, standards lacking these “facets” can be changed or have bits of them ignored or bits added, more or less at the whim of the person claiming […]

  • More on Forms of Government – Religion and Politics

    Much has been said by a great many people about the various possible forms of government. I have read or otherwise been “subjected to” a variety of presentations on the matter at hand. It’s also true that I maintain active “conversations with” others where possible on this consideration. All of this “put together,” has caused […]

  • A Sign of the Times? – Religion and Politics

    How many times did I hear it as a young man? Surprisingly, not many! “When I was a boy…” This expression was not often uttered by adults in my childhood—or at least not in my hearing. In fact, most of the adults about and around me, tended to keep to themselves that precious wisdom that […]