Month: March 2019

  • Even the Present Isn’t the Future – Religion and Politics

    I’ve said it before, but cannot say it often enough. Each lesson in life is a challenge to us. It is put in place for us to deal with, so that we may learn, and aspire to things greater than those the which we have previously come to understand, and with which we can hope […]

  • This is How Memories Die – Religion and Politics

    I well understand that the very title of this article makes it seem the article is not one folks would like to read. Where I see this as being true, I also see a need to write this, in order to potentially give folks an understanding of some basic truths of life as I see […]

  • Foundations, Charities and Donations – Autism

    Much of what I write is a direct result of things that are said on the Internet. That’s less true for things related to Autism, where non-Internet “real life” tends to “trump” things I see and hear online. This post is no exception. I write this particular piece as a result of a conversation I […]

  • Are Republics Inherently Good? – Religion and Poltics

    In a relatively recent article, I wrote about Socialism. At least one person who read that article, took me to be saying—as far as I am able to tell—“Socialism is never a good thing.” My actual intent was to say that, “Government is Socialist by nature. All government activities should be limited to more or […]

  • What am I Owed and by Whom – Religion and Politics

    I can’t remember when the seemingly trite expression became real to me. I think it was probably in the last ten years, but it may’ve been longer ago than that. The essence of the expression is, “Life is one gigantic lesson—or a litany thereof—to be learned.” The point here, is it that all other things […]

  • The Past Belongs There – Religion and Politics

    Sometimes you can just hear the complaints coming! You do your best to “nip them in the bud,” but people will invariably take what you’re trying to say the wrong way. The result is, I end up adding “disclaimers” of one sort or another to just about everything I write. This little piece will be […]