Month: November 2018

  • That’s a Mountain, I’m a Tree – Religion and Politics

    I can’t tell you just how many people have complained about others expressing their beliefs, but if I had to guess, I would account the number of those who have to be larger than those who haven’t. There are a good many things folks believe with which I disagree, but if the individuals in question […]

  • The Spectrum and Levels – Autism

    It’s always hard to recall exactly when and where you have said what, and to whom. On top of that, even if you’ve said something multiple times, it’s entirely possible that folks have missed the expression of it, either by simply overlooking it, or because they haven’t read, seen or heard what you’ve said. One […]

  • Changing Feet – Bullying – Religion and Politics

    One of the obvious and at times, somewhat unfortunate realities of life—particularly the life of younger folks, though it happens to older ones as well—is bullying. I believe I have said it before, but I want to make sure to do so now. Bullying will never go away. That’s not to say we should ignore […]

  • Border Security and Racism – Religion and Politics

    To begin with, I should say that anyone who knows me at all well, is pretty much aware that I don’t believe in racism. I don’t want to get off into the details of that in this article. Suffice it to say that, where I believe folks do horrible things “in the name of” racism, […]

  • Media Objectivity – Religion and Politics

    As a young man—fairly, as an older child and into my years of young manhood—I was among those who believed a commonly held fabrication. To wit, I believed that the media was an entity that reported the facts (I use the term “entity” loosely). I believed, as do so many still today, that some part […]