Month: November 2017

  • On the Concept of Wage Slavery

    Having recently heard the term “wage slavery” used by someone on social media—who said it and on what social media is pretty much beside the point—I came to the conclusion I had to write an article on the subject. The more I considered the concept, the more I realized that it was a sort of […]

  • On Equality

    One reality of life is that generalization is a necessity. If we cannot compare two things and talk about how they are alike and different, it becomes more than a little difficult to learn “new” things. That having been said, an important realization is that, while two things may have similarities that make it possible […]

  • Choice, Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    It turns out that some of the most difficult things to discuss are the most worthwhile. Sometimes that’s because of the complexity involved, sometimes not. On the present subject, in truth, though there appears to be the result of a high level of complexity, I don’t believe there really is a great deal of difficulty […]