Month: October 2017

  • On Disability

    It strikes me as highly unlikely that the average human being having done much of anything in his or her life has not experienced the “agony of defeat.” As I said in another post on this site, it is often (if not always) true that the most celebrated and, well, successful people, have also been […]

  • On Celebration

    It’s been years since I celebrated most of the things the average person considers worth their time and effort. Oh, I wish folks a happy birthday, and congratulate them on new jobs, the birth of babies and things of that sort. On the other hand, I don’t do things like, really celebrate Hallowe’en, Christmas or […]

  • On the Ills of Social Media

    Do these pants make me look fat? Wait! That wasn’t what I intended to ask. Sorry, the question I intended to ask is, “Do I seem long-winded to you?” Both questions are about appearances, but the first doesn’t really bother or concern me; and because it’s not a real concern for me, I don’t have […]

  • More on Success and Failure

    I’ll be the first to admit that I have found myself to be wrong on more than a few counts over the course of my life. As one might expect, some of the errant perspectives I have held have been entirely minor, some more major, and some life changing when internalized and understood. In this […]