Month: September 2017

  • On Freedom of Speech in the United States

    Perhaps one of the most enduring things where the United States is concerned is its founding documents. Many have called, for example, the United States Constitution all but—if not—a miraculous document. I’m not entirely sure I would go that far. What I would say, however, is that the Constitution is in many ways a marvelous […]

  • My Own of Course — Whose Ideas Do You Support?

    I have to be entirely honest, I have zero idea how much of the time I sound big headed, conceited, whatever you choose to call it. It’s not so much that I don’t care, as that: I’m pretty well convinced that people will assume you’re conceited for nothing more than that you disagree with their […]

  • The Result of Riots

    Here’s the reality. Someone did something bad or wrong, you’re upset (maybe irate). That is understandable. Let’s look at how one responds though. Allow me to present a simple scenario. Your daughter fails a critical test, how do you respond? Do you deal with your daughter, or do you spank and ground some kid you […]

  • On Failure and Its Relationship to Success

    Anybody who has ever spent time scribbling on a pad, or typing at a keyboard in a vain attempt to convey some idea is likely fully aware that what he or she is saying has been said before. It’s even possible that those saying what he or she is saying in his or her current […]

  • On the PragerU Video that Follows the Post

    So I’m watching this video from PragerU (with whom I tend to agree about ninety percent of the time—maybe a bit more), and I’m somewhat astounded—but not for the reasons the presenter might imagine. I started to share the video, which overall, I still think to be quite good, since it presents a perspective I […]