Month: August 2017

  • On Left Versus Right Wing

    It seems to me that a good many people are confused as to what Left and Right wing “look like” and, as a result, what political ideologies fall where on the “left versus right scale.” I would like, with this article, to talk just a little bit about how I understand things, so that others […]

  • On Science and the Scientific Method

    One of the saddest and scariest things I have seen in the course of my life, is the patently absurd abuse of science and the scientific process by people wanting to bend reality to fit their will. The first error that many make where science is concerned, is the assertion that science is supposed to […]

  • On Pregnancy and the Sanctity of Human Life

    In my previous article, I took the time to dispel some myths about the sanctity of human life and how Conservatives are wont to see it. I consider that to have been important to do, but not as important as what I feel the need to address in this article. Though the prior article made […]

  • On Conservatism and the Sanctity of Human Life

    In many senses, perhaps one of the WORST places from which to garner information is Facebook. There are worse, you could choose to gather information from Twitter. High on the list as well, would be mainstream “news” outlets. The reasons for Facebook and definitely for Twitter make them much worse even than the mainstream media […]